zkTube is an advanced Layer 2 protocol

I’m sure at least once in your life, but every one of you has encountered problems with transactions on Blockchain. You have had at least one or more transaction bottlenecks. All these moments symbolize only one thing about the low-tech of their system.

But in fact, with the development of the Internet and many modern technologies, such as Blockchain technology, the problem of transaction volume has not decreased. On the contrary, there are many times that can be considered as the peak of their golden age, almost all of 2017. When a large number of investors complained about it.

Im sure each of you has heard the story of these events more than once, and someone may have lost a fortune. Yes, I myself have been a victim of this incident. But as they say, reasoning on the subject will not solve the problem.

About the project

zkTube is a Layer 2 protocol created by the Australian technical team that can effectively solve the problem of Ethereum scaling. At present, more than 3,000 DApps are running on the Ethereum network, and the prices of various assets are also increasing. Correspondingly, network congestion and high transaction fees haven’t been resolved. Layer 2 technology has high expectations, but looking at the global market, projects that can develop effective solutions are numbered, and one of them is zkTube.

zkTube is a project built and developed on Layer 2 based on ZK Rollup technology using the PLONK protocol. At present, it has great advantages in solving the Ethereum scaling, also guaranteeing transaction speed and security at the same time.

zkTube has the characteristics of fast transfer. Congestion of the network causes transaction delays, which can be quickly verified on the zkTube network. When a block with SNARK proof is sent to the L1 smart contract and verified, all transactions contained in the block will be confirmed, but L2 will not be affected because the user’s transfer calls the account balance, transfer between L2 is in real-time. Using the smart contract to verify the correctness of a Zero-Knowledge proof is relatively low, so does the transaction fee when transfers on Ethereum.

PayTube Wallet is a multi-asset interoperable smart contract wallet developed based on the zkTube Protocol and committed to providing users with a convenient and cost-effective payment environment. The main advantage is that there is no fear of losing assets, safer than existing wallets. Another advantage of Paytube is that users can directly implement decentralized financial applications such as Defi and NFT on Layer 2. Second, application providers can also transfer their own Dapp directly. . Put it on Paytube and connect directly to Paytube L2 account for related activities. With continuous development and updates, we will also add more users with needs and more popular service functions to meet more users’ demand for decentralized wallets.

zkTube has adopted a relatively advanced consensus mechanism and a new economic model, as a potential project of the Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, with a practical viable application value and functions such as cost reduction. transaction, improves transaction TPS, has certain scalability and security similar to Ethereum mainnet, zkTube is the potential project of blockchain ecosystem and its combination with PayTube native wallet would be the most powerful combination.

He first introduced the development of crypto wallets and pointed out that there are many problems with some wallets, such as safety issues, high thresholds, high costs, and very few cryptocurrencies. tradeable.
He officially announced the Beta Version of PayTube Wallet, showcasing PayTube’s core advantages and competitiveness in terms of application layer, ecosystem, and performance.
He also explained the advantages of the zkTube Protocol which will be an important foundation for PayTube Wallet to overcome the domain-wide cross-chain ecosystem and realize the non-inductive interaction of blockchain finance, and also a sign of innovative blockchain wallet era.

zkTube and PayTube Wallet as a future ecological connection hub, making full use of the market value and higher applied ecology.

In a word, the zkTube app is what we’ve all been waiting for. Ultimately, you must agree that we each want to manage our data securely, and be able to protect our assets at every level. Furthermore, the app developers don’t intend to stop there, so very soon we will see many other additional features, such as improvements in transaction speed as well as reduced costs.

Let me remind you that this project is worth the investment.

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